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We have SPEED LOCK speed controls available for the Juki TL98E and TL98Q and the PFAFF SPEED LOCK for these versions of the PFAFF sewing machine: 1067, 1069, 1467, 1471, 1473, 1475, 1469, 1472, 1171, 1371, 6250, 6230, 7510, 7530, 7550, 7562, 7570.

These are great additions to any of these machines for use on free-motion home quilting systems such as the B-Line Home Quilting System.

The unit mounts easily on the handles of the B-Line free-motion carriage, or other carriages, with the self-adhesive hook & loop fastener which is provided.  The on/off & speed control plug is inserted in the receptacle which would normally accept the plug from the foot control and the thread cutter plug (Juki TL98e only) goes into the thread cutter plug receptacle. 

With a gentle push on the on/off switch, the machine begins sewing at the speed that was previously selected. 

Now, unconstrained by the need to keep a constant pressure on the foot control, you are able to concentrate on the movement of the carriage and the creation of the quilting design with the type of gliding, fluid motion provided by the B-Line Home Quilting System.  With another gentle push, the machine stops and now without releasing the carriage handles, you can operate the thread cutter (if available) and move the carriage to another starting point.

With the SPEED LOCK you achieve a new level of quilting freedom supporting your free-motion creativity.

Each unit is tested before shipment.  We stand behind our products and will replace them if they are found to be defective due to workmanship or materials.

For the Juki TL98E we have integrated the on/off switch, the speed selector dial, and the thread cutter switch into a single control unit. 

For the Pfaff machines, the unit incorporates the on/off switch and the speed selector dial only and uses a single cable and plug. (These machines do not provide for remote thread cutting.) 

Mounting is accomplished with the self-adhesive hook & loop fastener which is provided.  Positioning of the control is up to you.  We have put our units on the inside of the handles so that you can activate the controls with your thumb without releasing your grip on the handles allowing consistent control and movement of the free-motion carriage.  Just be sure to have cables safely away from moving parts.


Pfaff Speed Lock Control (identified models only)

Pfaff Speed Lock Control (identified models only)
Our Price: $49.99


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