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Lady Rose
Downton Abbey 2nd Release

Lady Rose<br>Downton Abbey 2nd Release

Downton Abbey - Lady Rose
Made up of darling designs, edging into the art deco era. Colorwise, her collection includes some of the purples she wore while the family was still mourning for Cousin Matthew. However, her collection also features some of the rich, cobalt blues and bright, hot pinks that are so becoming to her coloring and her age. This collection also includes faux-knits and argyles that the Prince of Wales made so popular during the 1920s.
Make this adorable Cancun Clutch
 using Downton Abbey fabrics.
Or choose your own!

Downton Abbey is 100% cotton, 44/45 inches wide.
*** Colors may vary depending upon your computer system.***

NOTE: Enter the number of yards you would like in the "Quantity" box to the right.


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Example: 2 3/8 yds would be entered as 2.375

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Lady Rose
Downton Abbey 2nd Release

Lady Rose
Downton Abbey 2nd Release

Lady Rose
Downton Abbey 2nd Release

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